What To Expect

So Why Counselling?

Counselling is a process of talking about, working through and finding meaning out of current concerns life transitions or difficulties. Counselling can assist a person to clarify concerns, explore options and develop different life strategies way so that their self-awareness is increased. This may enable people to move more effectively towards their goals, which may be important in moving forward.

As a counsellor, Carol aims to establish a rapport with each person. She recognises that each person has a unique life experience. As such, she uses an integrative approach when counselling people.

Counselling is about you. Your courage to step outside of your comfort zone and to make contact in the first instance is not taken for granted by Carol. When you do make that first step you will be able to speak to Carol. An appointment will be made with you, that fits in with your time schedule.

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All appointments and sessions are confidential.

Generally, day appointments are available. However, evening and weekends are available, upon request. The focus for counselling is to always fit in with you and your life.

Appointments are for one hour and can be increased or decreased depending on your need.

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